Outside the Box – Mosaic

Are you good at thinking outside the box when you are making cards, layout or other paper projects? Creative thinking may be a challenge and in our new article series “Outside the Box” we are showing how others have managed to be creative in new ways.

This card is made by Laura from Laura’s Creative Pages and Cards. Laura has used pieces of acetate to make the card and below you can read her own description:

So this card is actually made by using a piece of acetate cut at 3 inches wide by 12 inches long. Next I stuck 1/4 inch x 3 inch strips onto the acetate all the way down the 12 inches with a small gap between each strip.


Once the acetate was filled with the strips I cut off 1/4 inch wide strips from the piece which gives the illusion of many little squares.

These strips were adhered on the diagonal to a piece of card to create what you see, many little squares. My first cards with this design were larger squares but I love to push boundaries and see how little I can go.

The inspiration came from seeing a totally different idea using acetate and so I tried this concept which worked amazingly.

A great way to use all the tiny scraps of paper!