Slim ATC – a new cool format to spice up your mojo

Challenge yourself through trying a new format and by carting in a smaller scale!

  • Type of project:  Slim Artist Trading Cards, Slim ATC
  • Occasion: To get your mojo going
  • Style: Clean and Simple (CAS)
  • Techniques used: stamping
  • Decoration: stencils, stamps, media tape, collage paper/tissue paper,
  • Main colour: All the colors of the rainbow
  • Medium used: Watercolor, acrylic paint, ink, Gloss spray, Distress ink


I remember when the slim format came for layouts. It was the perfect timing for me as I was falling into a scrap block. I needed something new and fresh to get my mojo going.

After that we have seen Slim Cards and Slim Art Journaling.

This month I saw the Slim ATC format for the first time at Hänglar & Wings spring challenge and boom I felt an energy and creativity blast!

The Slim ATC is small pieces of art in the format 3.5x 1.1/4”.  That is the only restrictions. The rest is up to you and your creativity.

However, there can be limitations if you wish to take part of the Slim ATC Challenge – #SlimAtcHanglar2023. You can also use the prompt list as pure inspiration.

I love to play with new formats, techniques, materials, etc. By trying new techniques as well as formats and going outside my comfort zone I feel somewhat revitalised in my own art and I expand my go to style with new details.

When I use such a small format as the Slim ATC I can do very quick art and that is perfect for Every-day-projects or when you just have few moments of time to spare for your creation.

Have you seen the Slim ATC format? Perhaps you have already tried it or you will try it after reading about it? Let us now and use #TPCMagazine and #SlimATC .