Review of Tri Shutter Card

One of the things that makes cardmaking so fun is all the folding techniques. There are so many of them that a cardmaker will have a hard time trying them all. That is why I am in a series of articles will review some of the most popular card folding techniques. Today I am reviewing a card folding technique called “Tri Shutter Card”.

The Pros

A Tri Shutter Card is not so easy to make compared with for example Joy Fold Cards. But if you put down a little time and effort there is no problem making a Tri Shutter Card either.

As with many other types of card it is important to keep the inside of a Tri Shutter Card flat. This way the card will fold nicely together. The front of the card you can decorate as you wish just keep in mind that the thicker the card is the more expensive it is to send by mail in most countries.


A Tri Shutter Card ifs truely decorative and impressive when it is folded out. It can also stand relatively easy making it suitable for displaying on a shelf or a table.

The Cons

As I mentioned above the Tri Shutter Card can be somewhat difficult to make. You have to make sure that your scorelines folds in the right direction and you have to keep an eye on the cut lines.

But the most problematic thing about Tri Shutter Card is how to decorate them. The spaces for decorating are small and I find it a bit hard to find suitable embellishments.

When to make a TRI SHUTTER CARD

Tri Shutter Cards can be made for any occasion and is suitable for both children and adults. My version is made for a young girl.

Other’s Opinions

The ones I have shown the card think it is a special type of card. They like how it unfolds and think it is pretty.


A way to alternate the look of Tri Shutter Cards is to make the parts in variable sizes or forms. You find an example of a Tri Shutter Card with circles here: Best wishes Tri Fold Shutter Card

You can also make a double Tri Shutter Card: Double Tri Shutter Card

You can also make a double Tri Shutter Card: Double Tri Shutter Card


Joy Fold Cards are so easy to make that anyone who puts in a little effort can make these types of cards.

  • Design of this type of card: 3/5
  • Usefulness – room for greeting and how the card can be displayed: 3/5
  • Difficulty making this card (1 being most difficult): 2/5
  • WOW-effect: 4/5

Totally I give the Tri Shutter Card 3 out of 5 points.

With so many card folding techniques around it is almost impossible to know who did come up with this idea first. If you know who invented the Tri Shutter Card I will be happy to give credits.