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Cardmaking – all the questions

A lot of paper crafters make cards. This can be just making cards, or making cards among other paper crafts. Different countries have different styles. When the card was made, is also important, as new technique and  new equipment are popular at different times. In this article, you will get som tips, tricks and tutorials in cardmaking.


Folding cards

You can find lists over different card folds in different sites. Here are some places you might want to start:

Here are a few card fold tutorials that has been popular lately:

Simple 3D cards:

Inverted  Z fold

Double Z fold

Twist and pop card

Layered cube fold card

Triple cube Tover card

3D frame cards:

3D pop up:

Where can I get inspiration? 

Those that have been cardmaking for a while, are often quick to get inspiration and have their favourite places to to look for inspiration. If you are new to the hobby, where do you get inspiration?

  • Make a Pinterest account. Here, there is a huge universe of inspiration. Use search words like “card fold”, “card tutorial”, “pop up cards” and so on. You can also use words like “Wedding cards” og “Birthday cards”
  • Use You-tube. You can use the same such words as above.
  • Make an Instagram account. You don’t need to add a lot yourself. Search with #   #timholtz  #card making   #finnabair   #scrapbooking an so on.
  • Facebook. There are also some activity in the card making community on facebook. You can follow groups or people. You can also use  # to search.
  • SnapChat and TikTok: Some are also active on SnapChat or TikTok with cardmaking.

Good luck with your cardmaking!