Paper Talk with Manu from India

I did come across Manu’s projects two times when searching for projects to present in TPC’s series “The most beautiful…” and I am so happy to be able to present this skilled papercrafter for you all in TPC today. Manu has been papercrafting sine 2012 and she makes all kinds of papercrafts and she has a soft spot for baby albums.

Who are you? Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Manu and a software professional turned Self-taught Crafter having an interest in varied kinds of art and crafts and someone who enjoys making handmade things. Before turning to a full-time crafter, I worked in IT industry for over 5 years. I’m an avid crafter who loves to explore the wonders of paper crafting.


When did you start with paper crafting? Why did you start with paper crafting!

I have been crafting since 2012 now, Almost 11 years. As a child, I always loved making handmade cards and greetings for my mom (who still have all the cards I made for her). I also entered into a painting completion for my school’s magazine and my art got chosen to be published on the cover page of the magazine which made me so happy and my parents so much prouder. I started exploring paper crafting again after like a thousand years, and got hooked back.

I started paper crafting majorly because I was trying to find something to work with (it was not easy to sit idle after working in the IT industry) The more I worked, the more I got intrigued in the wonders of paper crafting.

They say “ A picture is worth a thousand words, but a Scrapbook page is worth a million memories” and that’s what I love to do. I aspire to inspire people who love making handmade creations.

 What is the best thing about paper crafting?

The best thing about paper crafting is that, a scrapbook page takes the shape of your mind, your imagination and it’s so much fascinating to see how your ideas and thoughts can come to life on a piece of paper. The excitement of the final layout unfolding in front of your eyes as you paint your imagination on paper is the most exhilarating feeling.

I love the fact that my craft has given me a creative outlet to showcase my love and has given me a chance for my work to be loved and admired by all.  

After all scrapbooking is all about making memories.

Have you made any mistakes when papercrafting and would you like to tell about it?

We learn by making mistakes.. oops Accidents is what I would like to call them. I have made tonns while working on something new and sometimes, these accidents is what will make the final product much more beautiful and larger than life.

I have pasted things the wrong way, spilled tonns of embossing powders and the other itty bitty things, poured glue all over my table, lost my bone folder like N number of times, I have even lost one of my most favourite stamp while washing it, only to accidently stumbled upon it in the container I washed the stamps after 5 years *sigh *sigh, poured hot glue over my hands.. !

I have had my fair share of mistakes and while some may seem to think of them as mistakes, I like to term them as learnings, after all, life is all about learning something new each day. It’s the never ending urge to learn and learn that makes us a better version of us than yesterday.

What kind of paper projects do you make?

I love to make all sorts of paper crafting projects, anything and everything that can be made with paper!!! I love paper.

However, my heart always love it when I make handmade albums, especially Baby albums, The joy a little baby brings and the much larger joy of capturing and documenting their first year journey and that I get to be a part of this journey and happiness is what drives me to make something gorgeous and memorable for them. I love incorporating pop-ups in my album and the feeling of how the pop-ups leaves one surprised and happy is very very joyful.

I also enjoy making Mixed Media and layouts. Apart from them, I like creating 3D paper art forms too.

How often do you craft?

I craft almost every day. If somehow, I’m not able to craft any day, I feel like something is amiss from that day’s schedule. That’s how crazy and fallen in love with crafts I am.

Can you describe your style? Has your style changed since you started?

I have a subtle style of work, which can range from shabby chic to vintage as times. It majorly depends on what is required as the final product.

I like to have clean and simple work style, but I also love incorporating tonnes of layers and almost all of my work has a lot of detailing in them. I love my projects to have layers and depth.  I love to incorporate floral elements in my projects.

Show us some of your favourite projects.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by life in general and how a simple and happy memory can be documented forever in scrapbooking making it a life memoir. The happiness that I get by being able to be a part of some one’s happy memories is another factor that drives to learn and be a better version of myself than the previous day.

I’m inspired by nature and love to incorporate a lot of floral elements in my projects. Colours is another important factor and you can see that I love working with soothing and complimenting colours.

Is there anything in paper crafting you would like to learn?

Like I always say, we tend to learn something new each day. I would love to learn the art of book binding and making pretty journals. Hopefully someday I will find time to learn them.

Can you mention five products/tools you cannot live without?

I love working with these basic tools and I think that these are a must have to work efficiently and they do make your work neat and clean.

1. Tim Holtz scissors, especially the mini one for fussy cutting.

2. Guillotine trimmer, it works wonders in cutting and saving a lot of time doing the cutting manually like I used to do in the start of my journey.

3. Scoreboard and a good bone Folder, they works wonders to get that clean and neat lines in your work.

4. Good pattern papers and cardstock. That’s the base of all my projects and sometimes I get inspired by seeing the pretty paper!

5. A good Die cutting machine along with a handful of nice dies. die cuts elevate one’s project to a different level. On this note, I would also mention to take care to choose the ones you are purchasing and dies are expensive and I sometimes think a lot before purchasing the ones I want and have saved a lot too to buy the ones I love.  

What is on top of your wish list right now?

A electronic cutting machine which I think will reduce my fussy cutting time and also help in making many more designs for my work. Apart from this, I wish to keep creating pretty creations and reach more paper and make them love handmade.

Who in the paper crafting community would you like to meet «in real life»? Why?

I would love to meet everyone who has inspired me at any point of my crafting journey. I big thanks to everyone who has in a way enhanced my creations and has taught me to work with dedication and make beautiful things.

Can you describe your craftroom?

I’m fortunate enough to have a dedicated craft room space which is always scattered with beautiful stuff.

Other things you would like to mention in the presentation?

A big THANK YOU to you for having me here to share my crafting journey. I’m honoured to have shared my journey and also a big Thank you to all those who love and support my work.

 Where can we find you? (Blog, website, social media etc.

Facebook: A handfull of Art
Instagram: manu.ahandfullofart
Youtube: Manu – A handfull of Art  
Pinterest: manuahandfullofart