Let’s Make Splat!

Let’s not make things too complicated….It’s summer. Let’s have fun…Let’s make SPLAT!i

Go get all your paints, inks, embossing powders, color powders and sprays! Don’t be petty – grab them all. If they can produce color, structure, shine, glaze – well, simply smudgy, gooey splat  they’ll do! The more – the merrier And if you really want to have fun, bring along your stencils and some of those stamps, which makes interesting or pretty motifs, geometric patterns, text, etc  If you like them, use them. Different sizes, shapes and structures are a good thing and gives you more options.And don’t worry about brands, style or if things are supposed to match or not….if you like it, then go for it.Put on some comfy clothes, which are allowed to get messy. Get som water – perhaps some salt to throw on and make a fun detail – some cloths – some brushes and perhaps other tools to make structure or move the colors with. And then some cardstock. Doesn’t have to be watercolor paper .Watercolor paper makes the best backgrounds, but if you end up using the material to make roses/flowers, then a thinner cardstock is more usefull, but bring different kinds, because right now, you are just going to play.


The hole point of it all, is to switch off your left brain side. No planning or overanalyzing – just make, what ever you feel like. Try things, you’ve never tried before – don’t care, if it’s “perfect “or not.It’s not supposed to look like something. Make something different – different colors – patterns etc.
One little analyzing thought could be to consider your favorite colors of flowers, if you make your own paperflowers and then make some material for them. They get so much more beautiful and lifelike when their color isn’t totally solide and even.

Splash water and smudge, smear and enjoy.Even just try-outs of colors to see, what they look like, can be used.Color the entire piece of cardstock to the edges and then you have material to cut out beautiful leafs of – and text – frames – and all kinds of decor for your cards or scrapbooking pages etc.And use your favorite colors in a wonderful mess and end up something, which will make an intriguing and harmonious material for a layer and cut-out decor for a card.And when you’re done – let them dry and put them away somewhere under pressure to make them flat (if they’re supposed to be flat) for perhaps later use as a background.Finally – if you’re not completly done – another thing to try, could be to make a couple of your design papers more personal and “you”. Perhaps they are a bit too clean and simple, a bit to neutral or lack some of your favorite color. Make a bit of splat there too.

A bright and beautiful day for everyone  – perhaps with some playfull use of all your color-stuff.
Splat it away!