Gold – Wealth and Success

Gold is not among the most popular colors to use for paper crafters. In a poll with over 800 votes in TPC’s Facebook group only 3 percent stated that they preferred to use this color when paper crafting. Gold is a yellow-orange colored metal. Gold is considered a sign of wealth and power and therefore it has a high symbolic value.

  • Color Category: Mixed Color/Warm Color
  • Complementary Color: Blue/purple
  • Mixing ratio – Color Mixing: Yellow/Orange
  • Symbolism: Associated with the sun, wealth and power.
  • Positive Characteristics: Wealth, success, optimism.
  • Negative Characteristics: NA
  • Associated styles: Art Deco – Elegance


Mood Board

We have put together a Mood Board. Hopefully it can inspire you to make a card or a layout in this optimistic and warm color?

Photo: Aritha, PublicDomainPictures, Peggychoucair,
Nawal Escape, NoName_13, Aline DasselPixabay