Can you guess how many stencils I used on this card?

My friends eldest son is graduating from Police school and asking me to make a card. I decided to do a city night scene to illustrate the work ahead of him. And when I make scenes, as you might already noticed, I love using stencils and sometimes lots of them.

  • Type of project: Card
  • Occasion: Graduation
  • Style: Graphic
  • Techniques used: Ink blending, stenciling
  • Decoration: None
  • Main colour: Grey and Blue
  • Media used: Distress oxide ink, white ink spray
  • Equipment used: Stencils, stamps, dies


When making a city scene you need skyline stencils – I have two different styles. To build a night scene I also wanted a moon and som clouds in the sky. I wanted the word hero sort of projected over the sky in large capital letters. I wanted a policecar, that stencil I had to make from a die cut, and for the blue strobe light from from the roof I used a sun ray stencil. I used blending brushes to color in the stencils. At this point it was 7 stencils and counting…

I also used a edge stamp that looked like barrier tape.

At this point I also used ink spray to blend the colors together and add some night mist to the scene.

I ended up using 9 stencils with the stencils of two persons standing in the front of the scene and the map like squares I put behind them.

To finish it off I pu the name in capital die cut letters and the text “So proud of you” at the corner.

I hope you found this inspiring and explore the art of scene building and use of stencils more!