Elegant White Cards

Sometimes white cards make the biggest statement. How so? White appeals to us because in the abstract sense white is all the colors!  What? Yes, white is all the colors.  

White light passed through a prism will reveal all the colors of the rainbow. Objects with no direct light on them are black or a shade of gray. How do we prove that? If you look around your house at dusk, just before there’s no light at all, you see objects. But those objects have no color – they’re gray. So white appeals to us. It’s also the symbol of purity and cleanliness. All positive vibes! Let’s talk about creating successful white cards!


With so many 3D embossing folders on the market now, it’s easier than ever to create a white card with lots of interest and texture.  Another fun way is to use layered background dies…plaid comes to my mind for this!  As you can see on my card that I’ve made, I did use colored specialty card stock for the sentiment.  The is part of a wedding shower gift (of 30 Thank You cards) and green and white are the wedding colors.  I didn’t feel like I strayed too far off the all white card.  I also adhered tiny iridescent crystals around the sentiment space.  By keeping these other elements to a minimum, my card still reads as white.

White cards are so appropriate for a variety of occasions.  Dig into your stash and see what you can find for layering dies or 3D embossing folders.  The result is always understated elegance.