Exploring the canvas pages in my Art Journal

Do you like the canvas pages in your art journal or don’t you know how to use them? I will show you a few techniques that I have used. There are of course many more, I it just your imagination that sets the limits. 

  • Type of project: Art Journaling on canvas pages
  • Occasion: Any occasion
  • Style: Mixed media, artsy, CAS
  • Techniques used: Gesso, stamping, masks and stencils, gel printing
  • Decoration: mixed, photos, stamped image
  • Main colour: white, beige, turquoise, fuchsia


Have I told you that Dina Wakley is my house god and a great inspiration for both art journaling and scrapbooking in general? I took my first online Dina Wakley art journaling class  in 2009, and since then I have been a follower.

Dina has several types of Art Journals, and in some of them there are canvas pages. I can understand the hesitation on how to use them. That is why I wanted to show some examples of how I have used these pages.

Sometimes I paint directly on the page. It is good to have something between the canvas page and the next page so that the paint or medium will not bleed through. I often use heavy gesso as a base on my canvas pages. I do not cover the entire page, just some of it, and then I build my art journaling on the gessoed part of the page.

I like to also use gesso on the back side of the canvas page. I think that is the easiest way to get a good look.

Using distress ink or distress oxide is also a possibility. Then you can use the canvas page the same way as using a paper page. It is, however, somewhat difficult to get the canvas page to stay still, so I recommend using something to stretch the page and keep it from moving.

Using gel as a glue for example to attach tissue paper is the best but it will crinkle the canvas page a little.

In Dinas Black Art Journal there are also burlap pages. I mostly cut these out and use for decoration but sometimes I also decorate these.

How do you use canvas or burlap pages in your art and junk journal? Let us know and use #TPCMagazine