Strawberry Basket

A little while ago I got a new neighbor, a very nice and generous lady. She has come to the door with spring rolls, herbs and Thai food. An unusual gesture, but incredibly kind and tasteful. As a small thank you, I made her a strawberry basket which I filled with chocolate. A bit awkward to have strawberries in that basket, so then it had to be chocolate.

The base of the basket is folded in green bazzill. Finished dimensions of the box are approx. 12 cm long, 9 cm wide and 6 cm high. The handle comes in addition. I have chosen to use a layer of white bazzill between the base and the designer sheets. The designer sheets has prints of Norwegian strawberries.


The length of the handle is 30 cm. I have used a punch and punched out on each side. Then I glued on a strip of the designer sheet. The handle is attached to the base with red brads.

I made windows in both lids of the box. They were punched out before I glued the sheets together. As a window, I have embossed an old overhead sheet I had lying around. These are fine to use without a pattern, but I think they look nicer with them. Around the windows I have glued on a lace border. I made the lace edge from two dies I used together. I have decorated with white and red flowers together with red pearls.

I had a ribbon with a strawberry pattern lying around, it fit perfectly here. Glued it to the handle. Attached the ring with charms inside the knot. On the other side of the handle I attached a large metal butterfly which I glued to red semi-beads in the middle.

I used the rest of the designer sheets on the inside of the box. The lid/flaps are held together by magnets.

The summer is over, it will be darker and colder evenings which can once again make room for many creative hours in the hobby room. Wishing you a creative weekend.