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AI images, how to create them, and can it be used for anything useful in crafting?

Artificial intelligence came last year as a huge hit, (and perhaps a shock?) all over the world. Students used it, handed it AI work as their own, and teachers was frustrated. Writers started using it, and people in general started using AI and ChatGPG as a complicated search engine and used it to write part of their speeches, letters or poems. So, is it useable to anything for a crafter? I have not really tried to figure out about AI for more than a few weeks. Putting it on hold I guess. But here is what I have learnt over the past few weeks that might be useful for a crafter.

Why use AI images?

No everyone uses their own photos and images on cards. Also, not everyone really want to publish layouts pictures of family and friends, and they see the photos a private. I know a lot of people use places like Pinterest to find photos to use on cards. Not all googled or Pinterest images are actually free for you to use on your projects, and to publish online on your projects. When you make a layout, instead of drawing over the faces on the photo, ad another AI created photo over your own image, before you take a photo of it to publish it. When you make a card. Use a photo you have taken yourself, or an image you have created with AI instead.


AI and copyright

Who really has the copyright to photos and text created by AI? Well, the aswear is that no one has the copyright to images and text produced by AI, since only humans can own the copyright of something. Things created by AI, has been created by computer programs. AI uses things that is already online to create images and text and rearrange and create something new. AI does not have the human logic, and therefore it is very fool-able when it comes to using anything it finds online (see the bottom of the article).

It might also use part of copyrighted pictures or text to create it’s own version. Therefore elements of what has been created might have copyright. As you go into this with a healthy skepticism and logical and human evaluation, it might be useful and it is easy to spot when it has been used by others. Images you create, can be used on cards and other creative items. Be aware, that dependent on the AI image creator you use, the programers might have added a little price cost to be able to use the pictures you create commercially and remove hidden watermarks.


Creating AI images

As I see it at the moment, creating AI images to use use on your craft projects might be the most useful thing. There are several image generator. In some of them, you can upload your own images to work on them. I have choosen two sites here, that hare simple to use.

Hotspot is a free AI Art generator. There is no login to the site. You can create up to 10 images a day free (that is 10 pictures per device).  There are different kind of images you can choose. The only thing you have to do os to write a short text of what you want the image to include, and what you want not to be included. English is used on this site. These three images was created by using Hotspot and just a few lines.

“Create an image of a little cat with a ball”

“Create a very sweet winter image, with snow, and christmas lights and a pine tree. Happy people”

“Create a steampunk image of a lady with long hair and a hat”

“Create an image of artificial intelligence”

“How do you see reality?”

Deap Dream Generator produces even better images, but here you have to log in to the site to be able to use it.

Evaluate the output from AI before you use it

I have added this image for a little bit of a laugh and to show visually, that you have to evaluate the output you get from AI. To get the image I asked for ” Create an image of a superhero from a famous comics. The superhero is going to save a woman who is drawing”.  This superhero is drawing himself, and not saving anyone. He also seems to have two right hands, drawing with both hands.

AI can be good for a lot of things, but you do have to use your common sense and evaluation together with AI. A computer program is made by humans, but stillit is a computer program. It’s still early days for AI. AI can help us a lot, but the last evaluation has to be taken by a human.