My CreateFullness-Friend

If I was asked to mention two of the best things to spend ones free time on, which provide a stress-free breathing space and a chance to gain joy, new energy, renewed self confidence etc.etc., my answer, would be friends and paper crafting.

When I’m with a friend, I get a challenging, but caring counterplay. I will probably be introduced to ideas, thoughts and other considerations, than I would come up with my self. On top of that I get the chance to give and to get a loving and perhaps much needed soul hug, by easing our full braines and hearts for both good and bad – and talk our difficulties away for a while or down to a manageable level.


No matter how much I love my rewarding and satisfying paper craft hobby, it does not talk alot. (That off course doesn’t always have to be a bad thing!) And even though I according to my husband talk to my self and sometimes to Tim Holtz or Yana Smakula on Youtube (well, even to my Big Shot), the actual dialog is a bit thin.

But why settle for either or, if you can have both?

I’m so lucky to have a friend, named Benthe, who also loves paper crafting and we didn’t even know, when we became friends. But along the way we began crafting together and in those hours all the best came and still comes together and gives us so much pleasure, fun, good talks, inspiration both creativily and in other aspects of life.
Some years ago Benthe saw the word Createfullness in a Panduro (a Craft shop chain) magasin and named us CreatefulnessFriendsForever – CFF’s and I’m so happy, that’s exactly, what we are.
We share a lot of things… our belief, humour, creativity, but that being said I’d say, that we’re at least just as different – also when it comes to paper crafting, style, preferences and the way we create.

  • She measures and calculates – I do…
  • She likes all kinds of bright and lively colors. I’m so combination- and shade picky.
  • She makes an admirably amount in one afternoon. I make next to nothing.
  • She can make 50 identical invitations – I’m bored by number 2 and start making changes.
  • She’s a beautiful flower girl – I’m a leaf, winter, house, all kinds of Christmas, fairytale, star, figure, scene, flower and etc. girl.
  • In general she uses mostly only white cardboard, ink and some Rhinestones – I use glitter, all different kinds of paper and cardboard, embossing powder, ink, different kinds of markers, paste, color powder and sprays, foil and a bit more glitter etc. etc.

Here’s a few of Benthe’s wonderful creationsThis one below is her magnificent birthday “card” for me. It was so much fun, unique and I love it.

The next one is totally her own creation – a bicycle helmet. Fantastic job !
And finaly flowers from the flower girl!

The gorgeous featured image is also one of Benthes creations. If you want to see more of Benthe’s inspirering and beautiful creations, you can find her here on Instagram: stadeldesign

To perhaps show a bit of the difference , here’s a couple of typically me-creations.

But exactly all the differences are so rewarding and certainly not a disadvantage – as long as you are aware, that you are wonderfully different and respect each others choices. You do you!

To sum it all up, I asked Benthe a couple of questions….

1) What does it give you to be a part of such a createfullness friendship, which you can’t get in your own “scrap company” and perhaps with inspiration from internet etc.?

Benthe: I get a lot out of the two-way communication, we have about our projects and the helpful constructive feedback and suggestions, when things get stuck. And because we know each other so well, we can come up with suggestions, that are a bit different, than our own ideas, but still suiteable.

2) What is your best advice for people, who would like to find/create such a friendship?

Benthe: Find a creative person, you already know and then in time  you can perhaps invite others along. Or reach out on social media, to a creative person, who lives near by.

I do agree with my CFF! She is a blessing and I can only encourage you to seek and make such friendships. It’s soul- balm!

Happy day for every one – perhaps with a step in a new social direction! Blessings…