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All my crafting stash I have never used

We all know that it might be easier to buy and hoard craft stuff, rather than using it. It is always those fantastic projects you wanted to do, or super useful tools or mediums you suddenly wanted. And they just seem to sit on the shelf not doing a lot. This article will give you some useful hints on how to use some of these things. Do you want to challenge yourself?

 What is it that crafters buy, but don’ use?

Here is some thoughts on this topic from Tiffany Soloro and Karen Tamir, two well known scrapbookers.


 Washi tape

Produkter til papirhobby - Washi-tapeA lot of crafters say that they have bought a lot of pretty washi tapes that they never use. I actually use this quite a lot. I use it to make different patterns on backgrounds on cards and layouts.

If you are one of those using planners, washi tape is a very useful ting.

You can also make flowers with washi tape.

Mixed media products

Produkter til papirhobby - Mixed Media-produkterA lot of crafters have bought mixed media products that they never used. I think that if you really get in to mixed media, you will use a lot of new things. Although there are a lot of crafters that really never get into it. Push yourself to use new products. Take classes. See tutorials. Copy to learn and try out new things, taking with you experience from what you learned in classes and by copying.

Produkter til papirhobby


 Digital cutting machine

A digital cutting machine like the Silhouette, Cricute or Scan and Cut is a fantastic tool for many crafters. But for others, this is just a tool that collects dust if you don’t spend time to get into it. The possibilities are endless. Some use it for papercrafting, to cut advanced 3D projects, and others use it to cut vinyl or make stickers. You can buy a lot of files, or you can create them yourself. The possibilities for mass production and to be more accurate is a lot larger with a digital cutting machine. It might be relatively simple to buy a file and make something with that. But to actually design the advanced files yourself, is not that simple, and needs a lot of practice. A digital cutting machine just makes things simpler, but not easier.


Produkter til papirhobby - Charms

About 15 years ago, charms was the thing to use with your paper crafts in Norway. I am now stuck with boxes and more boxes of charms. Use them. They can still be added to your projects.

Bind it all

Produkter til papirhobby - Bind-it-all

There are lots of crafters who bought Bind it all and never use it. It’s a genius tool to make small books, albums and calendars from. Take it out. Make small gifts.

Is there a fault with my product?

Most of the times, the error is due to the user. It might be that your medium has dried up. Most of the time this is due to the lids not beeing on, or air is getting in to the box.  Karen Tamir, explains that you can use plastic before you tighten the lid. Sometimes you get craft stuff in containers that don’t really function. Swap container. Use a new spray bottle og use a different spray tip.

Do you take the challenge to use some of you’re old craft stash?