Countdown for Christmas

Sweet Jingle Bells, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..at least if you’re a paper-nerd dreaming of….. not a white Christmas, but a thrilling countdown for Christmas – a Christmas Calendar/Advent Calendar.

In Denmark when I was a little girl back in the 70’s, it was common for all children to have a Christmas Calendar – and often more the one – mostly with small pictures under the small cardboard doors, – sometimes it was chocolat one and the best was, if your mother made you one with a piece of candy or a small gift for every day or one for each sunday in Advent (the 4 sundays before Christmas). Our Danish public Television Channel (yes, back then we only had 1) made a 24 part TV serie for kids shown each December night and you could buy a matching cardboard Christmas calendar. And then we had a calendar candle and burned a bit of it each day. On top of this we had an Advent wreath with 4 candles to light one up for each sunday in advent. Also in school December were filled with candle lightning, a Christmas story each day.


So for me December means counting the days until Christmas with loads of traditions, thrills and HYGGE. And there can be no Christmas without a Christmas calendar! Fortunately they have evolved since my childhood and now they are made with a ton of different themes and for all kinds of target groups – AND FOR PAPER-NERDS TOO!!!

Different brands like Spellbinders, Studio Light or Crafters Companion amongst others makes Advent/Christmas Countdown Calenders with fx  dies, stamps, stencils etc. It could be worth it to investigate, if your favorite brand makes a Christmas calendar. But if you wish to fill each of your 24 first days of December with that joy of anticipation, you probably have to hurry, because they are popular.

If you either are too late or wish for something else another possibility could be, that your Craft shop them selves will make 24 or 25 wrapped calendar gifts for you, according to your wishes in terms of price etc. if you contact them and ask them. But it’s a big job and not every shop are able to offer that wonderful service.  Other shops make their own Christmas  calendar in form of 24/25 wrapped gifts, which are the same for everyone – or perhaps a stamp-version and a die-version.

Then there is Etsy – I have seen several Etsy shops offer handmade calendars – 24/25 wrapped gifts with stickers, washi tape, Ephemra, stationary etc  suitable for both card making, planners, scrap booking etc. I’ ve never tried any of them out, because it’s news to me, they exist, but it could be a fun possibility.

But something I have tried is to ally with a creative friend and make a Christmas calender for each other.

You could make amazing paper craft calendars, which is beautiful decorations to have during december. Some ideas could be a decorated hanger with the gifts hanging beautifully down from it. Or it could be a clothesline with the gifts hanging neatly on it like a cosy garland. Or a pretty giftbox full off calendar gifts. Or like a charming chest with 24/25 drawers for the gifts.
An option is also to buy fx. a wooden calendar for you to fill with gifts. Artemio makes lots of different fun and pretty ones.

And when it comes to price, content and how to, anything is possible, if the both of you agree. One way to keep the price down and the content up, is to “settle” for a gift every other day – you the first day and your friend the next and so on. You could also agree to supplement with your own things bought by mistake or things, which are fine, but you no longer use or some papers from a paperpad with several of the same sheet. A great way to  decrease waste. There are many, many ways to make them – but it’s very important to be sure to agree on the terms.

No matter which way you go, I can assure you, a Christmas calendar sweetens your December and brings joy way into the new year.

I hope, you found some inspiration and start dreaming of a bright Christmas. A very blessed October day for you all – perhaps with some sweet Christmas planning.