Paper Talk With Adrienne from Rocky Mountains, US

Adrienne from Rocky Mountains is the creator behind Alice Scraps Wonderland and she started paper crafting at a young age. She says “The best thing by paper crafting is having a chance to express yourself” and her paper projects are really magic!

Who are you? Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Adrienne Boese and I’m the creator behind Alice Scraps Wonderland. I enjoy many creative pursuits, from paper crafting, to writing, and playing the flute and piccolo. I’m currently on the Sizzix and Prima Marketing Creative Design Teams as well as a Guest Designer for Reneabouquets and I live in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States with my family and my dog, Magnus. I absolutely adore my little niece, whom I love to spoil rotten!


When did you start with paper crafting? Why did you start with paper crafting?

I started paper crafting really at a young age. I’ve always loved to be creative, cutting up papers, drawing and coloring; but my love of scrapbooking began in 2000 after going on tour with my Youth Symphony to Europe. I wanted a way to store my memories in a fun and creative way. Over time, my style and the types of projects I create have evolved, but I will always love scrapbooking.

What is the best thing about paper crafting?

To me, the best thing about paper crafting is having a chance to express yourself. Paper crafters are artists! And I always try to convey meaning or emotion behind the projects I create. It also gives me a chance to just play and have fun. I try to remember to never take myself too seriously!

Have you made any mistakes when papercrafting and would you like to tell about it?

I’ve had plenty of crafting mishaps. I never like to think of them as mistakes, but rather an opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve had projects where I didn’t quite get something lined up right, the composition was off or too busy, or I just didn’t like the colors I chose. While not everything I create makes it to my Instagram or Facebook page, I never throw those projects in the trash. They are part of my crafting journey and a way for me to see how much I’ve changed and learned over time.

What kind of paper projects do you make?

I make so many different types of projects! I started out with scrapbooking and still do some today, but I’ve added cards, tags, ATCs, mini albums and mixed media to my repertoire. Out of all of those types of paper projects, my favorite to create is mixed media. It really forces you to think outside of the box and there is nothing I love more than piling up ephemera, chipboard and flowers on to the base of my mixed media project. I sort of challenge myself with every project to make my embellishment clusters higher and higher!

How often do you craft?

I try to craft a little bit nearly every day. My two design teams and guest designs keep me very busy. Plus, mixed media can take a while to finish a single project—there are so many different stages of a mixed media project and sometimes, a bit of drying time is needed in between those stages. So I often start a project one day, then finish it a day or two later.

Can you describe your style? Have your style changed since you started?

My style has definitely changed over the years, partly because of my own tastes and partly because products have changed so much since I started paper crafting. I would say that currently my style is very shabby chic and pastel. I also tend to create monochromatic projects. But occasionally, I have what I refer to as a dark and moody moment—especially during the fall and around Halloween when darker color pallets lend themselves to projects so beautifully. It’s an opportunity to stretch myself creatively. I joke that I have two modes of crafting, “Pastel Adrienne” and “Gothic Adrienne.”

Show us 3-5 of your favorite projects. Why are these your favorites?

Yellow Bee Canvas: I love this mixed media project for multiple reasons. First is I don’t use yellow often, so it’s something vey different from many of my other projects. Second is that it features bees and lemons—two things I absolutely love!

Queen of Hearts Roundie: This project was inspired by the Queen of Hearts. I really love all the different little elements and the moulds in this project. Plus, it’s Alice in Wonderland, and I just love the creativity and imagination behind the story. 

Sunset Panel: This project surprised me because it turned out so much prettier than I imagined! The colors are really saturated, but the white highlights add a ton of contrast, which I think also makes this project different from many of my others. It holds a special place in my heart.

Raven and Skull Banner: This was a fun project for me because I used a new tool to create the notched banners, rather than die cutting them. Halloween is my favorite holiday because you can be as creative and weird as you want, so turning this banner into a spooky little decoration with sparkly skulls and ravens just makes my heart so happy!

Blue Wings Panel: I just love the many different pieces in this project, from the sticks I found in my yard that I painted, to the die cuts, resin moulds and the pretty butterfly. It just has so many fun things to look at.

What inspires you?

I think what inspires me most is nature. I love flowers, leaves, butterflies and other elements inspired by mother nature and so I’m constantly looking at my own gardens during the summer and photos from nature photographers that I follow on Instagram. I try to recreate those organic shapes from nature in my projects as often as possible.

Is there anything in paper crafting you would like to learn?

I haven’t learned how to use a gel printing plate but have always admired the projects I see from other crafters using them. It’s always so fun to watch videos and see the process.

Can you mention five products/tools you cannot live without?

The 5 products and tools that I can’t live without include my Sizzix Big Shot Switch (I love the  auto feed function), the Sizzix Scoring Board and Trimmer tool (because it is so versatile), a swivel craft knife (for easy fussy cutting), paper flowers (Prima ones, of course!), and Finnabair’s Heavy Body Gel (which I use to glue all of my elements down to my mixed media projects).

What is on top of your wish list right now?

Definitely the Spellbinders BetterPress. It just looks so fun and creates such beautifully pressed images. But I’ve also been dreaming about getting a laser cutter. Having a tool that can cut MDF or wood for custom-shaped mixed media projects or mini album covers would be so amazing!

Who in the paper crafting community would you like to meet «in real life»? Why?

I’d love to meet Tim Holtz in person. Not only is he just a creative genius, but I love how he encourages others in the paper crafting community. He’s always reminding fellow makers to just have fun, experiment and to never compare yourself to other crafters because comparison is the thief of joy. His “You do you” quote is definitely something I try to live by. I think learning from him in person would be such a treat!

Can you describe your craftroom?

My craft room is definitely my happy space. It’s in a loft and it’s not huge, but I feel incredibly lucky to have a dedicated craft space. I didn’t have that in my last home. I’ve got a nice sizeable counter-height craft desk as I like to stand while I create. I love to store my paper flowers in apothecary jars and baskets. But I also have a CreateRoom Workbox and some IKEA Kallax shelves that hold the majority of my supplies and albums. I also have a little photography table under my window so I can take photos of my projects in some nice natural lighting. My craft room also shares a space with my computer desk. I work from home so it can be hard motivating myself to work when my crafting supplies are right over my shoulder just calling my name!

Other things you would like to mention in the presentation?

While my crafting journey started with wanting to preserve memories from an overseas trip, I think I really fell in love with it while I was caring for my grandmother. I took care of her for nearly 5 years and she did a lot of sleeping during that time (she was in her 90s) so I had quite a bit of free time on my hands. I was creating multiple projects every day and it really gave me a chance to hone my skills and just enjoy the process of creating.

Where can we find you? (Blog, website, social media etc.)

You can find me online at my blog (Alice Scraps Wonderland), Instagram (@alicescrapswonderland), Facebook (AliceScrapsWonderland), and YouTube (alicescrapswonderland).