Project Pink Christmas

Think Santa Baby and Marilyn Monroe! Think candy-sweet and elegant! Think frost and loads of snowy glitter! Think PINK!

Those lines claimed every micro space in the creative center of my brain and were the total focus point, when this project was conceived.

Type of project: Mixed Media Decoration
Occasion: Christmas
Style: Elegant
Techniques used: Die-cutting, Coloring/Painting
Decoration: Glitter, Feathers, Beads on string, Tinsel, Fairy lights.
Main colour: Pink/White
Medium used: White Acrylic Paint, Snow Paste, Stamperia Artic Ice Paste, Stamperia Artic Flakes, Nuvo drops.
Equipment used: Die-cutting machine, Gluegun, Brushes, Rags, Heatgun.


Some where I had seen a pink Christmas tree decorated with white feathers and it gave the Christmas tree such a magic, dreamy look. I grabbed that idea and made my version with almost a feather on each branch – glued on (after putting the fairy lights on) with a little bit of my ordinary glue and left untouched for a while.

I wasn’t happy with the originale Christmas tree stand and my sweet husband gave me the idea to use s piece of birchtree and helped me to make a hole for the tree. Then the project rolled. Such a fantastic endorphin filled place to be at!
The receiver loves gingerbread houses – and I have a die-set, which can be transformed into that with some beige craft cardstock and for the lines, I used white glitter cardstock and for the roof, pink glitter cardstock. A couple of Nuvo Drops colors helped me  make doorhandles, decorations and frost lines around the roof etc. (I like, that it decorates, glues together and hides the gap at the same time)

The birch piece was white, but not white enough, so I painted it more white and at the same time I sprinkled frost flakes and glitter on the wet paint and added a bit of spray glue on top – and more glitter and flakes. I used both frost paste and snow paste to make it look real frosty.
The gap between the tree and the hole was filled with hot glue and covered with a thin white feather garland.

I also glued the gingerbread house on the birch tree with hot glue. I left the bottom of the house unglued, for the option to put in a battery tea light.

Then a generous amount of holographic tinsel, which catches the light so beautifully and beads on a metal string. And a big star!

This time I owe a big Thank You to Kezia Petrine Mortensen, who offered to take theese magical and creative photos.

I wish you all a magic and blissfull december day – perhaps with Marilyn in your ears and feathers in your hair!