Design Tips For Your December Birthday Cards

If you need design tips for cardmaking in December, it may be useful to know that each month of the year has its own flowers and stones associated with it. In December, holly and narcissus are the flower of the month, while topaz is the stone of the month. I have made a birthday card where I try to use flowers and bling that can be reminiscent of narcissus and topaz.


Topaz is a beautiful blue gemstone. On this month’s card, I have chosen to let three blue bling encircle the flowers on the card. The idea is that these should resemble topaz.

The white flowers are supposed to resemble narcissus. I’m a bit doubtful if it’s that similar, but if you add a little goodwill you’ll hopefully see a slight resemblance.

If you were inspired to make something yourself, please send me pictures. You can send photos to: editor@thepapercrafting.com – then we’ll feature them in TPC Magazine in a little while.

Photo: LesFacettes, Wikimedia (Topaz), License: CC BY-SA 3.0
Yair Haklei, Wikimedia (Narsissus), License: CC BY-SA 3.0
Marit Pedersen