Easy DIY Christmas Cards using Floral die cuts

DIY Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from Renee’s Corner. Today I have two fascinating yet simple DIY Christmas Cards using Floral Die-cuts from Paper Rose Studio. Excited yet…then read on…

  • Type of project: Card making
  • Occasion: Christmas
  • Style: Clean and Simple
  • Techniques used: Paper piecing, Stencilling
  • Decoration: Floral Die cuts, Gold foil
  • Main colour: Red and Green, Pink and Grey
  • Equipment used: Crafter’s Companion paper cutter


DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards …..to me….should have easy parts, ready-made elements and be uniquely creative. I am sure you would agree that I have covered every aspect of these characteristics in both cards that I am showing  you today.

I have used a combination of store bought die cuts along with patterned and plain paper and a leaf stencil to complete the look. These cards took approximately 30 mins (15 mins each) once I decided on the design. Take note that there are templates you can use to help you in your designs which can make the design process easier.

Why should you DIY?

DIY cards actually resonate on a deeper level with the recipient. Do you remember how you felt when a child  gave you a card they made themselves …How did you feel when you received it? Special….right…..and how did they feel?…Proud…huh…..Yes! DIY has a ‘feel-good ‘ element to it.

What are the parts to this DIY Project?

DIY Christmas Card- Red

This project has :
Store Bought Die Cuts
Plain, Patterned and Gold Foiled Paper
Paper cutter (Scissors and ruler)
Store bought Sentiments
Distress Inks (any ink)
Double sided tape

Where to start?

First thing I did was to match the colours of the die cuts with my card stock. Next I worked out the design of each card. Have you noticed that my design on the red and green card is unusual? One of the things I learnt in design…. is off-centred patterns makes for interesting cards.

Paper Strips

DIY Christmas Card - Pink and white

After putting together both cards, I thought that each card needed some added embellishment so I took the extra scraps of paper and created a criss cross design with them on the pink card and on the red card, I let pieces hang down from behind the Christmas wreath to mimic ribbons.

The DIY project is ready for completion

Now that we have all the pieces, we just need to stick each down. I have added double sided foam tape to add dimension to the die-cuts and I think it turned out really well.

Hope you enjoyed today’s project and I look forward to having you back here again.