Reflections of a honey bear – Creating with a theme in mind

Creating cards using a theme

Happy New Year, All and welcome back to Renee’s corner. Today’s card is called “Reflections of a honey bear “.

Type of project:  Greeting Card

Occasion: Uplifting moments

Style: Clean and Simple

Techniques used: Colouring, free hand drawing

Main colours:Blue, caramel, brown and red

Medium used: Colour pencils and markers

Equipment used: Paper trimmer

Reflections of a Honey bear- Creating cards with a theme in mind.

“Reflections of a Honey Bear” is my first project for the year.  …… Can you guess the theme I am using? If you said  “reflection” you would be right. I use themes, whimsical pics, other imagery, card folding techniques. I also like to spread my card-making products around to help my creation process. For this project, I chose to use a theme unlike the usual Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement etc.

How did I come up with this theme?

I was actually doing some reflection…lol…trying to figure out what card should I make or what haven’t I made. My first thought was to do a themed card. Then I thought, I do one every time….how can I make it different? Then it hit me…why don’t I do that ….a card about reflection. After all, at the end of the year, most of us engage in reflection. We reflect on the things we did or wanted to do and in January, we resolve to make changes based on these reflections. So a card using the theme “reflection” would not only be an interesting one but one that ties in, with this time of year.

How do I show… “Reflections?”

This card demonstrates the use of the theme "reflections"

Once I had the theme in mind, I asked myself “How should I depict this?”. Now I could have used an image of a character exercising (most of us eat so much food over the Christmas Holiday …!,me!me!….. either at family dinners or through friends and neighbours bringing dishes to your home …) and then reflect on all the food we ate and resolve to exercise in the New Year. I wanted something different yet simple. Hmmmm…what could I use. Then I remembered , I had a Sweet November digital stamp of a bear looking at a reflection of himself in the water. I did not even remember the stamp was  called “Reflections: Honey Bear” until I went to look for it. Isn’t that something!

What did I do next


I then printed out two images and coloured them. One with the bear and his reflection and the other with the bear sitting on a tree stump.

Making messages match the “reflections” theme

The messages I wrote, are meant to represent his thought reflections as he watches his physical reflection in the water. The message altogether read ” I like who I see, I like being me…..happy, joyful and free”! Isn’t that something!

Who is the Reflection card for?

Creating cards using a theme

This card will be great for anyone who needs positive encouragement and inspiration.

Thanks for reading.