Casing an easel card for birthdays

Sometimes inspiration comes directly into your mailbox. And after some measuring you can copy and share everything – or as we call it CASE. This way I can show you a, for me, new model of easelcard.

Type of project: easelcard
Occasion: birthday
Style: whimsical
Techniques used: cardfolding, die cutting, embossing
Decoration: none
Main colour: pink/blue pink/green
Media used: embossing powder, distress ink, patterned paper
Equipment used: dies
I got this Christmas card from one of my best friends, a paper crafter like me, and it was such a nice design I decided to CASE it right away for to upcoming birthdaycards.
This is the sketch and instructions I made for myself after measuring:
  • Cut one piece of cardstock measuring 24×11 cm and fold it in half. Score each end at 2,5 and 5 cm.
  • Cut another piece measuring 26×8,5cm and fold it in half
  • Cut a third small piece About 6×7 cm. Score it at 1,5 cm 3 cm and 4,5 cm.

Now you should have three pieces like this.

The wider piece is at the bottom folded like a mountain top  or an oddly shaped letter M. Over that you put taller piece.
To prevent the “tent” from falling out secure the roof at the bottom with the third piece. Just put some double sided tape on the wings and attach it to the sides in the middle.

Dress them with patterned paper before put them together permanently with double sided tape. It should look like this:

I decorated the front of both cards with die cut flowers and metallic heat embossed letters and text.
I know that people who receive the cards I make like too keep them on a shelf all year around. At least that’s what they say. An easel card is such a perfect model for that and I thought this design was particularly cute. Don’t you?!
If you like to get more ideas from my crafty friend please follow @babsanpysslar at Instagram. She’s a busy cardmaker and you will get a lot of inspiration and ideas.