Spring time is near … cute card with flowers and critters

Spring themed Card

Hello there and welcome back to Renee’s corner. Today’s card is all about Spring time.


Type of project: Card making

Occasion: Saying hello to a friend

Style: CAS

Techniques used: Paper folding

Decoration: Decoupage, gold foil

Main colour: Blue

Medium used: Glue, double-sided tape

Equipment used:Paper cutting machine


Spring time is near




Spring time is the theme for today’s card project. There are so many good parts to this card including hidden messages, a pull tab, card inserts, encouraging words, cute critters and flowers. The main colour I used throughout the design was the colour ‘blue”

Spring is cool like the colour blue

Blue is a cool colour on the colour wheel just like the spring season brings cool temps. I chose these images by craft consortium because of their soft colours. The background and accent papers also blend very nicely with the colour scheme.

The design of today’s project

Today’s design has so many parts to it. There is a front, a middle and a back. The first thing I did was to cut the front of the design to look like an envelope without the flap. Next I selected paper to match the colours in the background of the decoupage. Having done this, I began assembling the card.

Assembling the Spring time card

The Front

To assemble the card, I first measured then cut the bluish green paper leaving a white border in the card front.  I then added Layers 1 and 4 (boots) of the Cottage Garden Decoupage Set.

The Middle

For the middle insert , I used a beautiful piece of blue striped plaid paper, cut slightly smaller than the back portion of the card. I then added a strip of the bluish green paper and a strip of gold foil. Next I added Layers 3 and 4 (flowers).

The Back

For the back I added a strip of the blue and white striped paper, a narrow strip of gold foil and Layer 2 in the decoupage set.

Completing the design of my Spring time card

I added a pull tab to the middle insert to make it easier to pull up. For embellishment, I added a lovely bow using blue and white twine.

There are 2 hidden messages which are to be revealed. The first one…when you pull up the insert.  The second… when you remove the insert. There is a hidden message on the back part of the card.

Hope you enjoy this cute little card and I look forward to having you back here at the paper crafting magazine.