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Sympathy Card made with Laser cut Florals

How to create a floral collage

Florals are wonderful elements for sympathy cards as they add a measure of softness to them…

Hi and welcome back to Renee’s corner.

Type of project: Card making

Occasion: Sympathy

Style: CAS

Techniques used: Collage

Decoration: Laser cut elements, Acetate

Main colour: Yellow, green and red

Equipment used: Paper cutter


Laser cut Florals

In today’s project, we are going to look at a creative way to use laser cut florals. I have been playing around with these florals trying to decide how to use them. Some ideas included, embellishments for die cut window cards, as a main foreground image and as a collage. The florals are part of 49 and Market’s Countryside Laser cut Wildflowers Set. They also include leaves, butterflies and bees.

Creating the Floral Collage

Sunflower florals

To create the collage, I first selected the yellow sunflowers in the set. I always think of the colour yellow as cheerful and so to me … yellow sunflowers will, by extension, be of comfort to anyone. Next, I laid the flowers on a white card front with the straight cut sides against the edge of the card. The leaves came after. I tried to arrange them throughout the card as randomly as I could. Finally I positioned the butterflies. I took a photo of the placement of each element before adding adhesive to the pieces.


Affixing the elements

First I stuck each sunflower in position, then the leaves. I removed all of the butterflies (but one) and the red florals, which I decided to add later on as embellishments with 3D tape. Next I glued the acetate on top of the background by adding fast grab tacky glue only where I was going to place the banner with the greeting “With Sympathy”. I made the banner using 2024 Adobe Illustrator program and stuck it across the glued area. Finally I embellished the top with the red florals and red and white butterflies .

The Sympathy Card is now complete with its wildflower background of flowers, leaves and butterflies. (See pic below)