How you can use “Happy Everything” as a Greeting

How to use "Happy Everything"

Hi and welcome to Renee’s corner. Today I have a special card for you using the unusual greeting “Happy Everything”.

Type of project: Card making

Occasion: Birthday

Style: Dutch Door Opening Gate fold

Techniques used: Folding, die cutting

Decoration: Paper flowers

Main colours: pink and white

Equipment used: Paper cutter, Die cutting machine

Happy Everything…

When I meet  a friend I haven’t seen for a while… I usually say… Hi (blank) Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Carnival, Happy Birthday…Happy Everything, to try to cover any event/holiday I might have missed.

I believe that “Happy Everything” can be used for different occasions. Some people might use it as a Christmas Greeting, others as a Happy Birthday and even as a “Just Because” . In this project, I am using it as a Birthday Greeting for a long time friend.

The card in design is also unusual. It features a dutch door design with the top part stuck down so the greeting can be viewed from the inside as well as the outside. If you are ready to learn more about this card…read on…

Creating the Card

First thing I did was to score and fold the card using the gate fold technique. Then using a 12 inch paper cutter, I cut the top half of what would become the front of the card (I cut almost to the fold and and finished the opening with a pair of scissors).

Next I stuck the top half to the inside of the card so the greeting can be viewed inside out.

Happy Everything Greeting

Decorating the front

I selected a floral patterned paper and edged it with silver stars foiled card stock and pink card stock. Next I added light and dark pink florals I found in my stash. Using glue dots I adhered the flowers to the edging. Lastly, I die cut the greeting and added it to the top half of the card which I previously glued down.

The Inside of the Happy Everything Greeting

I chose green from the colours in the floral print on the outside for the background of the inside. Then I edged it with the silver foiled card stock. Next I added the sentiment on the inside and now the card is finished.

How to use "Happy Everything"

Hope you enjoyed this project. Now tell me…how would you use the “Happy Everything” greeting?