Coloring with markers is very popular, but to be honest it can also be expensive. Especially if you need markers with different color tones. In this article I will show you how to color stamped images with something many of us have laying around in our craft rooms – watercolors!Continue Reading

Ways to use your Markers Many cardmakers use markers for coloring stamped images. But there are other ways to use markers and hopefully you will get some new ideas in this article. The stamped image of the Snow Angel is colored with alcohol-based transparent markers. Another idea is to colorContinue Reading

Happy New Year to you all! My first article this year is these cute little houses that I designed just before Christmas 2022. I got the idea of making them when I looked at some gift wrapping paper I used for my Christmas gifts. Every year I use to makeContinue Reading

Stitching is that perfect technique to add texture and dimension! But you can also use false stitching if you like your art to be flat or if you have a limited amount of time. Both techniques can be used to add that extra interest to your art. Type of project: AllContinue Reading